Red Flags: Fraud Schemes in Ophthalmology Services

Posted by IntegrityM | | Medical Claim Review,
According to the National Eye Institute, by 2050, the estimated number of people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the United States is expected to more than double from 2.07 million to 5.44 million. With the influx of patients expected and healthcare expenditures nearing 18% of the ...
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So You’ve Detected an Outlier… Now What?

Posted by IntegrityM | | Data & Statistical Analysis,
Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse in health care programs is labor intensive often requiring multiple experts including but not limited to data analysts and statisticians, certified coders, clinicians, auditors and fraud investigators. According to The National Health Expendi...
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Five Traits of an Effective Healthcare Data Analyst

Posted by IntegrityM | | Staffing,
The key to successfully harnessing the power of data in healthcare is to analyze, interpret, and share the results in a way that is meaningful and effective for decision makers. Those located at the front lines — healthcare data analysts — play a central role in this process....
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