When Amazon Moves In Next Door: Three Benefits of Using a Specialized Recruiter

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably heard the news — Amazon is expanding and will make their new home (or part of it, rather) in what will now be known as National Landing. What effect will our new neighbors have in the region? While there are many positive impacts, those tasked with sourcing talent in their organization might be wondering how they’ll compete with the tech giant.

Employers nationwide are faced with an increasing challenge: vacant positions. The U.S. job market is more secure than it has been in years, and there are simply not enough people to fill open jobs. Couple this with news of Amazon moving to town, and that 10K you were running just became a marathon.

What hard skills are in greatest need? LinkedIn data suggests among the top hard skills include: statistical analysis and data mining, UI design, data presentation, network and information security. And, while technical skills are critical, soft skills in the areas of leadership, communication, and collaboration are essential, even in the most technical industries.

DIY shouldn’t be your specialized recruiting strategy.

The longer a position remains vacant, the greater the impact on the overall health of your organization. Partnering with a specialized recruiter to source qualified and skilled candidates gives you an advantage to spot the right talent from the start.

Benefits of Using a Specialized Recruiter

Industry expertise. Resumes don’t tell the whole story. It takes a specialized eye to identify the right set of skills and experience to fill highly specialized roles – especially in the areas of healthcare, data analytics, and fraud investigation. Niche recruiters know the industry and recognize the signs of a successful candidate.

Targeted talent pool. A specialized recruiter eats, sleeps, and breathes the air of their particular industry. They are constantly making connections with potential candidates — those actively looking and those open to new opportunities. Their talent pipeline is deep, and most importantly — qualified.

Recruiting knowledge. Recruiting the candidate who is the best fit for a position takes time and attention to detail. Experienced, specialized recruiters take intentional steps so as to bring the strongest candidates to the final stage. They know the questions to ask and the warning signs to look for so you don’t have to.

We know it’s not just about filling a seat on the bench. Vacancies — especially those that remain open for a length of time — result in time and monetary costs for an organization, but it will take a toll on your remaining employees, adding to their workload and pressure, putting them on the fast track to burnout. This has the potential to affect an organization’s delivery and quality of services – ultimately impacting the most precious commodity — reputation.

Partnering with a Specialized Recruiter: IntegrityM’s Strategic Staffing Solutions

IntegrityM Staffing Solutions takes a personalized approach, combining an efficient recruiting process with a responsive staffing team to deliver the expertise and quality you need to succeed.

Our team specializes in the placement of several niche positions including statisticians, data analysts, auditors, investigators, and a range of medical review clinicians. We build relationships to enhance your team now and develop and sustain your business in the future. Call us at (703) 535-1400 or contact us online for more information.

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