Five Customer Service Best Practices to Maximize Retention (Pt 1)

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Most businesses have two basic goals: to maintain profitability and to grow revenue. As simple as these goals are, some companies are so focused on growing new business pursuits, they tend to overlook the importance of keeping their current customers satisfied. Generating and retaining loyal, longtime customers should be a priority for every business.

While some government contractors and corporations think the lowest price is always the deciding factor to retaining (or winning) a customer, the economical choice does not always win. Often the deciding factor has many components: proof of abilities, performance, and a strong customer relationship.

While there is no “secret sauce” involved in keeping your customer satisfied, there are customer service best practices to ensure a healthy and long-lasting relationship:

  1. Support their mission. To execute the mission and drive success, business partners must be actively engaged, be familiar with the customer’s industry, and able to articulate their organizational values and differentiators.
  2. Personalize your service. Develop a personal, genuine relationship with your customer. Learn the work and communication style of your customer.
  3. Be a thought leader. This is where knowing your customer really pays off. As an expert in your industry, you’re able to share relevant insights and solutions to bolster your customer. When your client is successful, your relationship will grow, and your reputation will profit.
  4. Provide demonstrated value. If a customer isn’t seeing significant return on investment in your product or service, they are going to look elsewhere. So, take time to show your client the value you provide to their business.
  5. Be proactive. Don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves — a short call to check in will go a long way in letting a customer know you care. Improve your customer service by requesting feedback from your client regularly, especially following a significant deliverable.

Customers are loyal when a company is consistently meeting and exceeding customer service expectations. Regular communication and consistent performance and delivery of services will go a long way to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Above all, the best companies conduct business in a way that reflects their values —how they want to be seen, perceived, and understood by their customers.

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