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We’ve put together an audit manual for managed care organizations. Explore our best insights and strategies for both auditing and compliance.

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We help organizations better understand what is working and what could be better – to protect the integrity of government programs and private sector enterprises. With professional program evaluations and audit services from IntegrityM, you benefit from decades of experience refining program effectiveness and process efficiencies. Whether analyzing data to detect and correct improper payments or reviewing regulatory requirements, we tailor our approach to your program’s needs. Federal, state, and oversight agencies needing investigation support, together with managed care organizations, fraud control units, and SIU teams, trust us to provide intelligent, timely, and rigorous audits of mission-critical programs. Integrity isn’t just in our name; it’s in our DNA.

Auditing Services for Federal and Local Governments

Claims and Medical
Review Audits

Performance Audits

Managed Care Audits

Audit Plans and
Procedure Creation

Compliance Audits

Assessment of Existing Audit
Plans and Procedures

Is your program efficient and effective?

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Is your program efficient and effective?

Our approach to government and private sector audits is comprehensive and scalable.

IntegrityM auditors have formerly held leadership positions within the Office of Inspector General, informing our multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to government oversight. Our audits ensure Federal and State programs are compliant with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS/Yellow Book). We also provide seasoned counsel on how to establish best-practice internal protocols for delivering ongoing compliance.

Here’s what makes us different:
  • We are an auditing specialist with the nimbleness to adapt to each client’s individual needs.
  • Our auditing services are scalable – whether establishing an audit plan, conducting audits across program deliverables, training employees, or providing comprehensive program oversight.
  • We work closely with the Office of Inspector General. We speak their language.

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