Medicare Data Analysis

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As part of our full suite of data analysis solutions IntegrityM can provide your program with in-depth Medicare data analysis. The huge amount of data associated with the Medicare program, and the sophistication of Medicare abuse, can best be matched by a team of industry experts applying advanced methods of data analysis.

Our Full-Circle Approach to Medicare Data Analytics

IntegrityM uses a team of highly qualified analysts, statisticians, specialists, and investigators to provide a full-circle approach to Medicare Data Analytics. Our goal is not simply to identify Medicare fraud, waste, or abuse, but rather to assist you in identifying problems, interpreting the data, and developing actionable solutions.

Our team will work closely with your organization to develop the specialized analyses you need to address Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse.  Our team can identify vulnerabilities, perform analyses to quantify these vulnerabilities, and offer solutions that are right for your organization. We are innovative, accomplished, and passionate about fighting Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse.

Our team’s Medicare Data Analytics experience includes:

  • Medicare Part A: hospitals, hospice, and home health
  • Medicare Part B: physicians, clinical laboratories, durable medical equipment
  • Medicare Part D: pharmaceuticals
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Our Medicare Data Analytics have resulted in successful Medicare fraud investigations, overpayment recoupment, and identification of Medicare benefits vulnerable to waste and abuse.

Our Medicare Data Analytics services include:

  • Proactive analyses to detect Medicare fraud within a specific benefit or provider specialty
  • Development of algorithms to identify specific fraud and abuse indicators
  • Focused analyses to support active or pending fraud investigations
  • Statistically valid random samples and extrapolations
  • Peer comparison analyses to identify outlying providers within a specialty or service
  • Trend analyses to identify spikes in billing
  • Claims analyses to identify overpayments

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