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Alexandria, VA, November 2, 2023 – Integrity Management Services (IntegrityM) is thrilled to announce the launch of ASΣPro, a technologically intelligent, user-friendly, and scalable solution that performs accurate and swift sampling and extrapolation for overpayment recovery or internal analysis, making it an indispensable tool for federal and state agencies, healthcare systems, and private entities. It ensures repeatable, reliable, and defensible analyses for users at all levels. ASΣPro simplifies the process with statistically valid simple or stratified sampling methods, eliminating manual errors, saving valuable time, and optimizing return on investment (ROI).

Why ASΣPro is a statistically smart solution™:

  • Identifies overpayments efficiently, saving time and money.
  • Streamlines sampling and extrapolation, reducing costs.
  • Utilizes statistically valid methods for reliable results.
  • Automates processes, freeing up staff.
  • Provides a scalable solution suitable for all organizational sizes.
  • Ensures defensible results through transparent methodology.
  • Delivers clear and concise reports of sampling and extrapolation outcomes.

How ASΣPro works:

  1. Data Upload: Upload your data file and select the analysis type, either “Sampling” or “Extrapolation.”
  2. Sampling Results: ASΣPro; creates a statistically valid sample, and you can download the results along with sampling method details.
  3. Data Extrapolation: For extrapolation, upload your data, and ASΣPro; automatically provides a projected total of overpayments, allowing for higher recoveries.
  4. Professional Support: Our team of statistical subject matter experts provides guidance on data findings and can defend results in a court of appeals.

Rebecca Nichols Gould, Assistant VP of FL Compliance & National SIU at Liberty Dental Plan, who utilizes the product said, “We will definitely be increasing our use of this solution and feel very fortunate to have this tool. It’s definitely paid for itself, and investigators have less records to review, our dentists have less records to review, and our overpayments/recoveries have increased through the use of extrapolation.”

To increase overpayment recoveries and reduce your workload, contact our experts at or call 703-535-1400.

About IntegrityM:

IntegrityM is an award-winning, certified Women-Owned Small Business dedicated to safeguarding government programs and upholding regulatory compliance, serving clients across both government and private sectors. Our services include audits, grant assessments, medical reviews, statistical data analysis, investigations, outreach and education, and technology solutions. We equip our clients with subject matter expertise and solutions to achieve their goals.

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