Integrity Management Services to Present on Bias in Fraud Detection and Prevention Systems at the Financial Intelligence & Information Sharing Working Group 2017 Summer Symposium

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Sarah Langford of Integrity Management Services, Inc. (IntegrityM) will present an overview of bias in fraud detection and prevention systems, providing insight on the points at which bias can be introduced and how to identify and prevent it. This informative and interactive presentation will take place during the Financial Intelligence & Information Sharing Working Group (FIIS WG) 2017 Summer Symposium on Wednesday, June 21, 2016 in New York City.

Effective detection and prevention of bias in fraud detection is essential to achieving accurate and reliable results. Ms. Langford will detail four types of bias, explain at what point in the cycle bias occurs, best practices to avoid and address bias, and the effect on results when there is failure to recognize bias.

For example, chronological bias can be introduced when comparing historical data to current data or using current data to predict future patterns. When models fail to account for events and trends that will cause significant differences between timeframes, the outcome of results can raise alerts for potential fraud — and in some cases, fail to detect potential fraud.

Ms. Langford will demonstrate how utilizing best practices will increase the overall effectiveness of results when running complex statistical analysis for fraud detection and prevention. High-level concepts will be broken down into a relatable, intuitive approach.

About the Presenter

Senior Program Manager, Sarah Langford, manages a data analysis team for Integrity Management Services, Inc. (IntegrityM) which is comprised of analysts and statisticians supporting Medicare and Medicaid program integrity contractors. These data analysis teams provide proactive and reactive analysis support to identify fraud, waste, and abuse and perform sampling and extrapolation. In 2016, Ms. Langford’s team of statisticians performed over 100 samples and extrapolations for Medicare and Medicaid providers. Ms. Langford was instrumental in the creation of IntegrityM’s award winning sampling and extrapolation tool, GLYDE. Prior to joining IntegrityM in 2014, Ms. Langford was a Program Analyst for the HHS Office of Inspector General, Office of Evaluation and Inspections where she published reports on Medicare fraud, FDA programs, and HHS grant management. Ms. Langford presented at CBINet Clinical Phases and Real World Data Conference in 2013.

About the Financial Intelligence & Information Sharing Working Group

The Financial Intelligence & Information Sharing Working Group (FIIS WG) provides the financial services industry, the U.S. government community, and other relevant parties with a forum to informally discuss relevant Financial Intelligence (FININT) topics, including protection of critical financial infrastructure, prevention of fraud, and obstruction of terror finance and money laundering. Members include 100s of representatives of both public and private sector entities, including regulatory, intelligence, defense, and law enforcement agencies; financial institutions; think tanks; consultancies; and colleges and universities, among others.

The FIIS WG holds semiannual symposiums in New York and Washington.

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