Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Compliance Training and Compliance Reviews

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is big. It is complex. And it is constantly revising its rules and program guidance. Yet entities that work with CMS or operate programs that the agency oversees – whether full State agencies or individual providers – must comply with the myriad regulations the agency has issued. Coupled with that are the thousands of pages of guidance and directives the agency issues annually. How to keep it all straight and remain up to date?

IntegrityM is here to help. We have audit and evaluation experts on staff who can help assess your compliance with program requirements and offer recommendations to correct any identified deficiencies, including training needs.

Additionally, IntegrityM has on staff numerous former CMS officials who can offer an “insider’s perspective” of what CMS is looking for in a truly compliant program. They can offer expert advice and assistance on how to develop a viable compliance program and even offer tailored CMS compliance training programs for you and your subcontractors to ensure you are compliant today, and for years to come.

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CMS Compliance training and compliance review offerings

Areas in which we offer training and compliance reviews include the following:

  • Health care fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Program integrity
  • Internal investigations, including self-disclosure protocols
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, privacy and security
  • Federal health care data access, storage, and disposal
  • Medicare legal and regulatory compliance
  • Medicaid legal and regulatory compliance
  • Health care exclusions and sanctions
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Emerging Regulatory and Program Changes

Our approach to CMS compliance training and compliance reviews

Our reviews are designed to meet your specific needs. Likewise, our training is not off-the-shelf; the training is tailored to your unique needs. We gain an understanding of your “pain points” through audits and evaluations and/or discussions with you to create a training that gives you the tools you need to be successful now, and into the future. The trainings focus on your internal needs as well as the needs of the subcontractors you oversee so that you are assured of compliance throughout. Our goal is to help you operate or oversee programs that improve quality and increase access while lowering cost.

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